Sri Lankan Southern Coast

Endless beaches, the beautiful Indian Ocean, great surfing, amazingly kind and hospitable people and some of the best seafood anywhere in Sri Lanka. No wonder the Southern Coast has been a traveler favorite for decades. You can wake up with a view of a new beach every other day if you want or if you... Continue Reading →

Current Status – Traveller

OK, It is time to wrap up what has been going on for the past months and weeks. We have been very busy planning and organising the future steps of our life. The big news is that we decided to move on and leave China and life there as it is. We got rid of... Continue Reading →

Packing List

All travel arrangements are done and you are ready for the next adventure. Gradually you have collected all the needed gear based on the trip ahead of you. Everything is coming together and it is time to head out. Wait. Did I forget something? That eerie feeling comes when you are heading out of the... Continue Reading →

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