IST - Istanbul Atatürk Airport   Traveling on a budget between Europe and Asia, chances are you will have a layover at Istanbul Atatürk Airport (IST), which operates as the hub for Turkish Airlines. Depending on where you are flying to and where you are coming from, you could be in for a long layover... Continue Reading →

China – What to see in 1 month

Most people who travel to China do so with a single or double entry tourist visa, which gives you 30 days of travel time on each entry. So usually you will end up spending 30 days or so in China. Geography lesson: China is huge and if you think you can see it all in... Continue Reading →

Hong Kong

 HONG KONG - HONG KONG SAR Hong Kong is a mixture of East and West, organised and chaos, posh and shady. Spend a couple of days exploring the city and don’t forget the outlying islands to see the beautiful nature of Hong Kong! There are enough guidebooks about Hong Kong already, so it is easy to... Continue Reading →


Lisbon - Portugal Lisbon was one of the places we have heard the most about yet not had the opportunity to visit it ourselves. That opportunity luckily presented itself last summer. I guess already since the great days of exploration, Lisbon has been a place where people and culture have mixed. The music, the food, the... Continue Reading →

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