Mount Batur

It was 2 am when the car pulled up at our hotel ready to take us North through Bali. We had a one and a half our drive ahead of us through towns and country roads. Still sleepy from a short rest, we tried to get some sleep before the climb ahead of us. We... Continue Reading →


Diving in Sri Lanka – Nilaveli & Uppuveli

"Driving in Sri Lanka is dangerous, the diving isn't" was a t-shirt we saw while on our trip in Sri Lanka. This turned out to be quite accurate. Before you head out for some diving in Sri Lanka, make sure to check the season as the diving will move within the country based on where... Continue Reading →

Packing List

All travel arrangements are done and you are ready for the next adventure. Gradually you have collected all the needed gear based on the trip ahead of you. Everything is coming together and it is time to head out. Wait. Did I forget something? That eerie feeling comes when you are heading out of the... Continue Reading →

Travel manners

While traveling you meet so many people from so many different cultures and backgrounds. Also as a traveller you get to meet people and visit countries that have a completely different set of customs and culture. This is why we travel. To learn and experience new things every day and meet people from different walks... Continue Reading →

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