IMG_3537Vagabondly – to travel from place to place without a permanent home and often without a regular means of support.


We are a couple Erja-Liisa and Hannu originating from Finland. We have just packed up our home in China where we lived for the past 2 years. Now it is time to travel further through South-East Asia on our way to Australia. Our life together has taken us already to many places and will keep to do so for as far as we can see. Travelling is our passion.

How Hannu describes Erja-Liisa – Erja-Liisa is the most wonderful (travel) companion. Always on the move and ready for the next adventure. She loves exploring the depths of the oceans as well as taking a dive into local culture. Oh and cats and sea turtles – she loves them too. Erja-Liisa is playful and always smiling (as long as she has had her morning coffee) and she always has a plan for the next activity. Never a dull moment. Simply put just the best you can ask for.

How Erja-Liisa describes Hannu – Hannu is Mr. Cool Traveller. No matter if the boats are cancelled, you end up in the middle of the storm or you encounter the attack of wild monkeys, Hannu remains cool and organised (except for spiders – Erja-Liisa will handle those). This travelling MacGyver does not have problems, but only solutions. When talking about the passion for travelling better not to forget the food. Hannu is serious foodie always looking for new culinary experiences.


We both have been hooked on travelling for as long as we can remember and even today even the shortest flight or trip to a nearby city gets us exited. It is all about the adventure and expedition ahead regardless of the original purpose of the trip.

Our first proper trip together was a 4 months long backpacking journey through China, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and Myanmar. We spent the summer exploring and actually have not looked back since. Every bit of our spare time is spent on a new adventure whether it is near or far.


Walk aimlessly. Get lost on purpose. Take the wrong bus and a new adventure begins. Eat what the locals eat, you will avoid a stomach bug. Go to the local fruit market and buy the fruit you cannot recognise. Join the queue to see what is worth queuing. Learn to cook a local dish. Learn to say “hello” and “thank you” in the local language. Be respectful and polite.


Our site aims to bring you experiences, insight and stories related to everything travelling. Actually we write just about anything about travel and what we see on our adventures. We travel on every occasion we get to explore new places. We look to document the best and also the not so good of these places and try to give you an original approach to our stories.

Hopefully this site gives you inspiration to explore a bit further the next time you step out of your front door.

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