Travel manners

20160612_013234While traveling you meet so many people from so many different cultures and backgrounds. Also as a traveller you get to meet people and visit countries that have a completely different set of customs and culture. This is why we travel. To learn and experience new things every day and meet people from different walks of life.

Yet as travelers (at least for us) there are a few things that just get on our nerve and surely you can spot some of these the next time you go on an adventure. It is nothing to do with the countries we visit or the people we meet, but rather a set of challenges we see with fellow travelers. Here are 5 types of people we hope would consider others the next time they travel. Sorry guys!

  1. The loudmouth / The arrogant
    1. “In [insert country], we have it so much better. If you go and start a conversation or a comment with this, you should be stripped of your passport and right to travel for at least a while. If it is so much better in your country, why did you travel in the first place. Sure there will be many things you prefer back home, be it food, customs or anything else, you should make the effort to experience the local ways while there. At the same time we are sure there are many things in the country you are visiting that are much better than back home. So stop talking about what you have and actually go out there and experience something like the locals would.
  2. The exploiter / The predator
    1. Anyone who scubadives is taught “Only take pictures, Only leave bubbles”. If only travelers in general were being taught something similar. Be respectful of the local ways and customs, be respectful of the local environment, be respectful for the local people. There is a whole group of travelers we won’t touch here since this is a “family friendly post”, but you know what we mean.
  3. The baggage claim belt clogger
    1. OK, less of local culture and way and more about actual travel practical issues. Why on earth do people have the need to surround the baggage claim belt with trolleys and further by standing a few centimeters away from the belt itself. If you guys just take a step or five back from the belt, everyone could actually get to their bags when they arrive and we would all be out of the airport quicker.
  4. The excess baggage carrier
    1. If you are traveling the very first time in your life, we give you some slack on this, but when your passport is covered with stamps you deserve to be frowned upon. Why on earth are you carrying double or more the amount of baggage you are allowed and why oh why do you have 2 or 3 carry on bags of varying sizes. Hats off to the check in staff  who have none of this. And all love to the traveler with baggage within the allowance who arrives, checks in on the selfcheck in booth, drops off and continues his day.
  5. The queue pusher
    1. Overall we have seen that people have a huge rush and eagerness to queue! Seriously. The plane/train/bus is starting to board in 15 minutes and you need to stand in line at the desk already? What is the panic? Did you not realize that there is a seat number on your ticket? Also airlines (and other means of transport) often prefer to board in a specific order so most likely you are just clogging the way for the people who waited to be called up for boarding. Sit tight, relax and enjoy the journey. The plane will not leave without you as long as you are at the gate on time.
    2. There is another example of this when actually leaving the plane/train/bus and usually it involves the same people as above. It seems that first there is a huge rush and push to get on the craft and when at the destination a huge rush and push to get off. What is going on? Why? I bet that these guys are the same as in #3 above.

These “types” we describe here can be extremely irritating and when it comes to #1 and #2 it goes all the way to embarrassing and enraging. Sure, everyone has their own way and own style of going about, but a little thoughtfulness will make the journey and adventure much more enjoyable for all.

Remember, “only take pictures, only collect memories” and  “take a step backwards by the baggage belt” make traveling much more fun 😉

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