TOP 3 sites for booking flights

UntitledBooking flights gives us a great feeling. It is the first sense of a journey that is about to begin. Everything is turning from plans to action and you can start counting down days to the plane lifting of from the tarmac.

If you ask us, we prefer to book oneway tickets. This gives the opportunity to explore and change your travel plans as your adventure develops spontaneously. Naturally one way tickets are more expensive compared to buying a return ticket but it does give you the flexibility. Obviously if you are traveling to one destination for a short holiday, return tickets are probably always your best choice.

As part of your travel planning, searching for tickets can be a lot of fun. Looking up destinations, comparing routes, randomly searching for new places to visit and working through your shortlist of dream destinations is all part of the buildup to your next adventure. However, sometimes it can be frustrating if the best options and deals aren’t showing up in your searches.

Therefore we put together a list of 3 top sites where we search for our flights.

1: Momondo – Something for everyone

Momondo offers a great and simple interface for searching for trips. Working as a “referal” site, Momondo do not sell the tickets (or other services) themselves, but direct you to the travel agency site that provides the cheapest options. We have found that you can most often find good deals on the site that are cheaper than for example buying directly from airlines. It is also quite easy to sort through your options by editing your search and placing preferences on your flights.

Even though we have only used Momondo for flights, it is possible also to search for hotels, vacation packages, cars etc. These services work in the same way as for flights, where Momondo will refer you to the best options at other agencies.

A fun option on Momondo is the Trip Finder, which will show you options based on your departure city. It will show you where you can go for specific budgets and with specific activities in mind. The only down side is that currently the service is available only in limited cities in Europe and the US. You can also find inspiration by following the Inspiration blog.

2: Skyscanner – Be adventurous

Probably everyone has hear or even used Skyscanner at some point as it is probably one of the most popular sites for searching for tickets. Here we won’t focus on the standard stuff on the site since it is much like any other search engine as a basic service. However there are 3 specific options that make this site excellent.

Open search. Open search let’s you leave the “destination” for your search empty and Skyscanner will list the possible destinations and prices based on your departure city and travel timeframe. This is a fantastic service when you just want to travel somewhere and have no specific place in mind or you have a limited budget and want to find the cheapest options.

Open timeframe. On Skyscanner you can also create flexible searches by selecting either a specific month or even the entire year as your timeframe. The search results will show you when is the cheapest time to fly.

Inspiration map. The map basically shows all your options (direct and layover) based on your departure city. IT is super easy to find where you can go and what would it cost. Also it gives a good geography lesson if you aren’t sure where cities are exactly.

3: Kilroy – For Students and Youth

Chances are that this site is also familiar to many but since we have probably used this the most in past years it is definitely worth a mention. Especially for Students and Youth, who can enjoy discounted prices on tickets as long as you are a  ISIC card holder (young people up to 25 and students up to 33 years). The student and youth tickets are also great since they are more flexible than regular tickets and often offer cheap one way options which make them great for backpackers and explorers alike.

Kilroy also offer very cheap round the world tickets and travel planners. Which are great and flexible way to create the dream itinerary for a longer trip.

Special mentions for travels in Asia:

  • – Good deals for travels especially from Hong Kong and Singapore
  • – China Focussed site

Happy planning for you next adventure. If you think we have missed something, leave us a comment and we will surely look into it.

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