GoPro Hero 3+ Black

IMG_0004GoPro Hero 3+ Black

Documenting our travels as photos and videos is a fun way to relive some of those unforgettable moments we have had and naturally also makes it possible to share glimpses of those moments with our family, friends and followers.

For the past 18 months or so we have been carrying around a GoPro Hero 3+ as our action camera for the moments where you just can use a DSLR or the all so versatile smartphone. For us this means most often underwater activities which you get a glimpse of in this video.

For us the GoPro has made it practical to take and edit more video from our travel compared to what we used to previously. Much of the video content still remains on hard drives unedited and unpublished, waiting for a rainy day or two or that optimal inspiration to create a new masterpiece.

In addition to being awesome for capturing video, the GoPro works great as a still camera as well. Naturally it will not be as high quality as your DSLR or necessarily as practical as your smartphone when taking pictures, but you do have a lot of flexibility. Also similar to capturing video, you do not need to be as careful with the GoPro as you probably are with your other cameras. Mud, rain, sand and dirt – some of the main killers of your cameras are not such a worry with the GoPro as long as you use the watertight casing with it. One less thing to worry about while travelling.

TOP 3 of GoPro

  1. We are taking much more video which is nice
  2. We are actually able to carry the thing around where ever we go
  3. Quality of the content is excellent even in poor conditions. Depending on what mode you set your camera on, you might need to do some editing to get rid of the fish eye effect in images.

WORST 3 of GoPro (not necessarily in general)

  1. One more piece of tech to carry around (We have actually substituted our DSLR on many occasions and trips with the GoPro).
  2. Standard issue does not have a viewfinder (which is also quite fun since you never know what you captured until you upload your images/videos to your PC or connect to the GoPro app) – This has been updated in later versions with a LCD screen on the back of the camera.
  3. Battery life can be a bit limiting if you are to capture a lot of video, so prepare to carry an extra battery or two with you so you don’t miss that special moment you have been waiting to capture the entire trip.


Here is a GoPro shot from Dubrovnik, Croatia.




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