20151115_120056_HDRFirst thing that I paid attention to when checking in to a hotel room in Hong Kong was the smartphone that was placed to my desk. I was intrigued immediately. Did somebody forget their smartphone or what is this? The phone turned out to be a Handy device – https://handy.travel. Handy provides free Internet and local calls, and has extensive city guides, discount coupons and recommendations inside it. The idea is that you take Handy with you to the city and get the best out of your city adventures with the help of Handy.
Handy has free internet and local calls, which is great! Usually one of the first challenges when travelling to a new country is to figure out how to get connected. Maybe you need to go around to find a local sim card, or try to get connected to free public WiFi. With Handy you can avoid this scenario. You can use unlimited internet and make as many local calls as needed. This is a pretty smooth start when being in a new place.
While using Handy is free, obviously there are costs if you lose or break the Handy when you are using it. Therefore when you take Handy with you, there is one more piece of equipment to look after. So if you want carefree and less electronic city trips, then better stick with the old school paper map. Handy is for those, who are used to checking everything from a smartphone and staying connected to the outside world all the time.
What I was missing from Handy was some sort of “near me” service. When I was testing handy around Hong Kong, I was hoping I could check the places and recommendations near me, based on my current location. After all, isn’t it nice to end up to some random place in the city and then start checking what are the interesting things to do there? While testing Handy, I did not find this kind of functionality. Also, the selection of the events and places Handy is providing seemed rather mainstream and commercial. If you are into more underground activities, Handy is probably not the best option for that.
All in all Handy is convenient as well as easy to use and get information about the city, discounts and events that are going on at the moment. Handy is definitely worth trying when taking the first steps in a new city in order to get started smoothly. Vagabondly is looking forward to see the development of other travelling solutions and devices as well.
Top 3 of Handy
  1. Free and unlimited 3G Internet and Local calls
  2. Extensive tips for example to sightseeing, eating and shopping
  3. Immediately ready to use. If you want, you can sync your social media profiles to Handy.
Worst 3 of Handy
  1. Obviously it has plenty of advertisement
  2. Lack of “near me” functionality
  3. One more machine to look after when exploring
*Handy was tested in Hong Kong while staying in Butterfly on Morrison in Causeway Bay – http://www.butterflyhk.com/eng/default.aspx

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