Polar Loop

20151114_133449Even though this post is not directly related to travelling we feel that it is important to share since this is some gear we carry with us (or wear) everyday.

Activity bracelets such as Fitbit, Loop and others have become very popular recently. There are plenty of options in the market from different brands with slightly different functions. Basically the idea of all of them is to measure your activity during your day and also analyse your sleep during the night. All very interesting and supportive towards a healthy and fit lifestyle altogether.

Vagabondly has been using Polar Loop for couple of months now to see if we really are active enough to stay in good health and fitness overall. Initially we were a bit sceptical on whether or not the bracelet would actually give us much more that a fun way to track ourselves, but actually we have come to realise that wearing the bracelet is actually a pretty bit motivator towards being active and conscious of your lifestyle.

We have started subconsciously and naturally to make different decisions about day-to-day actions. Walking a couple blocks rather than taking the metro, standing at our desk in the office rather than sitting all day and taking an evening walk rather than lounging at home. This is you day-to-day tracking and all good as such.

It has however been very interesting also to track ourselves when travelling. We have been quite surprised how much you actually move during a day of exploring a new place. Walking 30.000 steps on the streets of London or the hutong alleyways of Beijing is quite something. No wonder we are pretty tired in the evening when we are back.

So should you have one? If you are like us that you enjoy knowing and measuring how you are doing, where you have been and what is going on, then yes. Otherwise, probably not. It is up to you. Below are a couple of pros and cons to help you decide.


  1. Activity bracelets are addictive in a good way! When you see that you have only reached for example 80 percent of the days activity target, suddenly taking an evening walk does not sound like a bad idea at all. We all want to reach our goals.
  2. Easy to sync the information to your laptop or smart phone to see more detailed information about your activity and for example track your sleep. We have actually become more conscious of our sleep and everything that affects the quality of our sleep.
  3. Knowing exactly how active  (or not active) you actually are. A healthy lifestyle is quite important.


  1. Design. The design is not bad, but the activity bracelet is not something you want to wear together with your cocktail dress if you get invited to a nice event. Obviously you can just remove the bracelet for the party, but it’s a bit shame to have a gap in the activity measurements (it is that addictive).
  2. We can see that for some it can be too much information. Not everyone wants or needs to know every detail of their day.

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